Corporate Law Services – Trademark, Patent, New Company Registration

In this corporate world you can find number of law firms in different sections of the globe that are offering verities of business / company law services with complete guidance and assistance. Services like company trademark registration, trademark copyright, PCT filling in India, pct filing, patent trademark attorney, ipr law firms, international copyright registrations, company formations, trademark litigation, brand protection, trademark search india, foreign company registration, trademark classifications, copyright registration,  intellectual property laws, service mark registration, patent registration, brand registration and international trademark registration are some of the common business law services provided by these law firms. With the increase in competition, international trade and commerce these law firms are getting in very high demand by the corporate sector at international level.

Among the different countries In India you will find maximum number of corporate law firms having a large team of different kinds of attorneys and lawyers. All these law firms have different criteria and process of handling issues of corporate level. Law firm like that has a large team different lawyers having expertise in handling different kind of business issue and having complete command over guiding and offering required assistance to their domestic as well as international clients. Among the different company law services, new company registration is one of the famous and favored services among the different business houses. Every country has its own rules and procedures for company registration, like for new company registration in india there are some rules and regulations that one company has to meet in order to apply for its registration. All these rules are regulated by company act 1956.

Besides company registration, there are many corporate law services that are mostly demanded by different business houses in India. Like trademark registration that includes registration of trademark of perticular company in the form of design, symbol, logo or image. Trademark enables your company in getting unique identity in the international market. Besides trademark registration, there is another type of registration is there in this corporate world with name patent registration that act as powerful tool in order to prevent one’s unique invention in the of product or service from the misuse, sold or copied by the unauthorized person. Patent registration is a type of ownership provided by the government to product’s original inventor for his or her invention in any kind product or service that must be offered to the international market. In India the registration of perticular patent is done for 20 years that must be renewed at the regular interval of time.

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