Elder law involves providing for elderly or incapacitated persons to insure financial stability and proper medical care and attention while addressing any special needs.

As an experienced elder law attorney, Eric Gansberg has seen children who are at their wits end, tearfully requesting assistance in determining how to provide for their aging parents. We have also seen some parents come in and plan for their own care to avoid saddling their children with that responsibility.

In some cases, parents want to know how to plan for Medicaid or Medicare, assisted living, or nursing home care. Their goal is to formulate the best plan that will allow them to pass the bulk of their estate to their children and grandchildren, while ensuring their medical and financial needs will be met.

How Can They Help You?

If you fit into one of the above situations, they may be able to help. They are sensitive to the personal nature of decisions surrounding elder care. They will work with you to understand your situation and goals, and discuss your options with you. With Medicaid and Medicare planning, as well as nursing home planning, the soon you do it, the more options you may have. There are time constraints on your ability to optimize planning.

For further information about New York elder law, Medicaid-Medicare planning, or nursing home planning, or for assistance with your or your parents eldercare planning, please schedule a free confidential consultation with an experienced elder law attorney by calling 888-424-9952 or filling out the intake form on the Contact Us page.

Eric Gansberg represents clients throughout the New York City metropolitan area who require legal assistance to address changes in their family dynamics. Since 1984, Mr. Gansberg has focused his practice in areas that help individuals and families deal with change. Why let these issues remain stagnant, contact Eric Gansberg for legal representation now!

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